Can You Hear Me?

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What is the best way to reach the public with our unsolved crimes and fugitive posts?

What is the best way to get information out about our upcoming fundraisers?

How do we best inform our VCSA member programs about upcoming training symposiums?

I’m going to guess that it is NOT through the BLOG, as we have so few people signed up to receive it and even fewer who actually visit the blog site.  As such, I am going to discuss with the VCSA Board the dissolving of this blog site, focusing then on the use of social media (mainly Facebook) to get the word out as we need on events and happenings.

If you are not connected to us on Facebook … Please, fix that here –>

Be blessed, and stay tuned … If you are one of the few … the proud … the loyal blog followers.



Symposium Hotel Registration

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Hello, VCSA Friends!

If before 06-22-2016 you tried to book your hotel room for the upcoming symposium and discovered that the code published in the Tipster did not work, you were not the only one.  The Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center has fixed the problem, and you can now book your room online using the code published … or …

Make it easy on yourself and use this link –>

Did you have an opportunity to look at the training agenda?  Did you realize that DCJS is giving PIC credits for the law-enforcement attendees?  Follow this link to learn more –>

We look forward to seeing you in Williamsburg!


Back to Basics

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VCSA-Back-to-Basics-logo-draft20160523-2The VCSA Executive Board has firmed up the dates and location for the 2016 training symposium.  The symposium is scheduled for Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2016 at Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center in Williamsburg, VA.

The agenda this year will cover topics that will prove relevant to ALL programs, whether long-standing or fledgling.  The idea is to insure that ALL our Crime Solvers/Stoppers/Line programs are operating in such a way as to exemplify integrity and effectiveness.  While each program will undoubtedly have its jurisdictionally-appropriate differences, their are right and wrong ways to handle certain components of the program.

The agenda will be taking a 2-track approach, making it relevant to everyone in attendance.  As a teaser … the Board/Public track will provide information on branding and marketing, while our LE (that’s law-enforcement) partners will hear topics applicable to the investigation of tips.  There will be training available both Friday and Saturday during the symposium.  PLEASE start now making plans.  Go to your board and insist that new members have their attendance secured paid for.  Believe us … you will NOT be disappointed.

Metro Richmond CS vs. Illegal Guns!

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It is always great to see Crime Solvers, Stoppers, Line programs doing what they can to support the needs and safety of its residents.  In addition to being available for ANY unsolved crimes in and people wanted by their localities, some programs take initiatives to address specific problems faced by the jurisdictions they encompass … like this effort from the Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers program:

tagged_gunsCrime of the Week 16-09: New Gun250 Tip Program
Beginning today, The Gun250 Tip Program is a new Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers initiative that will help reduce gun violence by allowing law enforcement to use tips provided by the public to intervene before a dangerous offender chooses to use a firearm to rob someone, settle a dispute, or accidentally kill a young child.
The program encourages members of the community to anonymously submit tips related to illegal firearms and provides a monetary reward of up to $250 should the information lead to the recovery of the firearm and/or the arrest of an offender.
Gun250 is not a “buy-back” program. Gun250 lets concerned members of the community know that they can easily and anonymously provide information related to illegally-possessed guns, and they do not have to wait until someone in their community has been shot.
How can members of the public submit a Gun250 tip?
Community members with information on illegal guns may submit their tip one of three ways.
TEXT: They can text 274637, enter keyword “Gun250,” followed by the tip.
PHONE: They may call Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000 and reference “Gun250”
WEB: Or they may complete the web tip form, which is accessible by clicking on the “Submit a Crime Stoppers tip” link on the RPD website or by visiting and clicking on “Submit a Web Tip”. It is easy, safe, and completely anonymous.
• Individuals submitting tips do not need to identify themselves to be eligible to receive a reward.
• The process is absolutely anonymous – calls and messages cannot be traced to identify the source of the tip.
• Tips are assigned a unique tip number. To receive payment, the tipster must retain this number.

Working For Our Betterment

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Welcome to burg signAn update from YOUR VCSA Executive Committee.

We are working hard to put together a GREAT training symposium for the late-September, early-October time frame.  We are looking into hotels in Williamsburg, VA right now and are excited about the prospects.  When we have more details, we will publish them on our Website and Facebook pages.

As we research the hotels, more importantly we are trying to come up with an agenda that will appeal to ALL of our programs.  What we want to do is give EVERY program a reason to send a representative, to make the symposium worth the trip to Williamsburg.   To get us in that direction, we need to know what topics would cause your program to say, “We really need to hear what they say about that!”  What is it that would cause YOUR program to say that?  Let us know, please, by sending us a message.  We cannot guarantee that we can cover EVERY topic if we get a lot of them, but we will do our best to make useful that which we do present.

A special note to all of our program friends and family … VCSA membership dues notices are being prepare and will be mailed shortly.  While we believe the fee is nominal for the value of the connections you have access to, we want to know if there is something you believe could make the VCSA even MORE of a great value.  We understand and agree that no one wants to spend any money on a service or product that we have no use for.  Believe us, just having the networking list of people we have makes membership worth while, because you can tap into a vast depth of successes, mistakes, challenges and triumphs and LEARN from other programs so as to make yours even stronger.

Be blessed

You want me to be the wha???

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As you may have read in the latest blog post, our President, Shelley Broderick, retired from the Fairfax Police Department and is ready to jump into a new, exciting season in her life and the lives of her family.  The VCSA Board of Directors would like to give a huge, “THANK YOU” to Shelley for stepping up and leading this fine organization.  We know she will do well with her new-found freedom, and we hope (by putting this in an official blog post) we can shame her into keeping in contact with us so we know her family is doing well.

So … the VCSA recently held a meeting to discuss this change, as well as to begin planning the 2016 Training Symposium.  In walks Kevin Bacon (no … not THAT one … ME … the local one).  I was a bit late, so the meeting had already started (in my defense, I was running late because of a conversation with a Crime Solvers caller).  The next thing you know, I’m being stared at and asked if I would be willing to take the presidency.

“You want me to be the wah??”

I will spare you the rest of the details and the subsequent discussions with my supervisors.  I have accepted the VCSA Presidency through 2016 and will do my best to support our Crime Stoppers causes.  We have a pretty incredible Executive Committee, so I’m sure the year will be productive!  If there are questions, concerns, opinions, rants, desperate pleas that you would like to make, please feel free to email any of us on the Executive Committee.  Better still, ask me/us in person, by planning to be in attendance at the Fall Training Symposium.  I’ll write more soon.  In the mean time, have a blessed week … and BE SAFE!


A Note to Say Goodbye & Thank You

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Greetings fellow Crime Solvers board members and coordinators. I hope the approaching holiday season finds you all excited for time spent with family and friends and celebrating the joy of the season.

I want to share some news with all of you. My husband and I have both announced our retirement from the police department. I will officially retire March 4, 2016 but will be taking a fair amount of leave in January and February. This news is both exciting for us and bittersweet. I will tell you that I have loved my career and particularly the past 14 years spent as the coordinator for my local program, Fairfax County Crime Solvers. Leaving will not be easy but my family is very excited to move north for our next adventure!

I have communicated with my fellow VCSA board members and decided that I will step down from my executive board position, effective January 1. This will allow the board to elect a new president in their January meeting and move forward with the New Year.

I want to take a moment to personally thank each and every one of you whom I have had the pleasure of speaking with and working alongside during my time as a coordinator and serving on the VCSA board. I have truly enjoyed the teamwork and networking.

I wish you all a joyous Christmas season and a healthy, prosperous New Year! Should you need to reach someone on the VCSA Board, please contact my fellow board members, whose contact information is listed on both the blog and website.

I may be reached by email through the middle to end of February should you need to contact me.

I wish you all the best!

MPO Shelley Broderick